Super Bowl Betting Odds

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Sportsbook rating super bowl 2017 reddit

this post was submitted on 05 Aug 11 points (74% upvoted) . Dan Quinn is a fucking moron, he will never live down that super bowl loss in my opinion. MARCH MADNESS CONTEST LINK · Sports Betting Calculators /r/ sportsbookreview - review the books you use. r/sportsbookextra - for all your .. Well, it is 3 in 48 in the Super Bowl, so the odds is pretty good. The public isn't moving NFL lines outside of the Super Bowl. This is a common .. Vegas odds just tell you where people are betting. Popular.

Sportsbook rating super bowl 2017 reddit - playoff race

It wasn't clear to me that you actually placed money that bet. RULES Any questions which do not conform to the posting guideline will be removed. CJ Anderson will be healthy, and the defence is still Championship Strong. If you're right, it means your data is bad. The downside of the Superbook is that it is a little older and shows signs of age. Do not answer your question in the text box. List of sportsbooks that accept US accounts with previous discussions about those books linked.


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